We offer a comprehensive Retirement Planning and Wealth Management Program which includes risk management, tax planning, retirement planning, investment management, and advanced estate planning. Comprehensive Retirement Planning and Wealth Management is a multi-step process that includes:

  1. Identifying and prioritizing your goals.
  2. Gathering data and addressing your immediate concerns.
  3. Estimating the cash flow required during your retirement years.
  4. Reviewing each area of financial planning (investments, taxes, insurance, and estate planning) and recommending strategies to generate income while minimizing risk. This process may also include other areas such as charitable and family gifting.
  5. Matching your investment portfolio to your cash flow needs.
  6. Minimizing investment portfolio risk in your retirement years.
  7. Monitoring your investments’ performance, preparing tax returns, implementing tax-saving strategies and proactively evaluating and recommending changes to your plan based on economic factors, tax policies and your financial goals.